Ignoring Hadith




This hadith warns about a time when people with filled stomachs will say that we need only the Holy Quran to determine Halaal and Haraam (we don’t need Hadith). Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) says that they will say this even though anything labeled as Haraam by the messenger of Allah is same as it being labeled as Haraam by Allah HIMSELF.

May Allah protect us from such Fitna and enable us to stay connected with such Ulema who preach about Halaal and Haraam from Quran and Sunnah (Hadith) both. Ameen.


The Great Sacrifice


As Eid Al Adha approaches we are reminded of the great sacrifice presented by Ibrahim (as).

Ibrahim (as) the Prophet of Allah saw in his dream that he is slaughtering his six year old son Ismail (as). A son which he got when he was around ninety years old and his wife had become incapable of bearing any children.

As the dream of a Prophet carries the status of Wahy (commandment of Allah) therefore he (as) immediately prepared for the ritual. As he traveled towards the site of the sacrifice, he was stopped three times by the devil. All of the times dressed differently and trying to convince him not to kill his only son and all of the times Ibrahim (as) threw stones at him and asked him to run away.

Once he reached the site, Ismail (as) asked his father to move his face towards the ground otherwise he might become weak and won’t be able to run the knife on his son’s neck. He also advised his father to close his eyes so that he stays strong. As he was about to run the knife on his son’s neck, Ibrahim (as) said something to the tune of ‘O Allah if you felt that Ismail’s love has corrupted my heart then please accept his sacrifice’.

As father slaughtered his son Allah the merciful changed Ismail (as) with a sheep and as Ibrahim (as) opened his eyes he saw that his son was standing in a corner smiling.

SubhanAllah. A simple story but full of so many lessons. When we reflect and compare our lives, we find many gaps.

  1. When the order of Allah arrives we question it and are always on the look out for a escape clause. Ibrahim (as) didn’t do any such thing, although he might have interpreted his dream in a different way.
  2. How many times Shaitan has stopped us from fulfilling the commands of Allah and we have succumbed to it? Should this be the life of a Muslim?
  3. Allah tests his noble people so that their response becomes an example for all of us. HE doesn’t need such sacrifices. Such situations and examples are created for us to learn from and to follow.
  4. Everything is a test in this world. If it is something given to us, it is a test, if something is taken from us it is a test. This is one part that very few of us understand. But Ibrahim (as) understood it perfectly.
  5. Once we do submit ourselves to Allah, then rewards us with endless rewards and bounties. Both in this world and the next.

May Allah enable us to learn and implement such lessons. Ameen.

My Experiences

Recently I was speaking with a friend of mine and he told me that you have a lot of bookish knowledge and the amount of knowledge you have allows you to win arguments based on them. But there is a lot of difference between winning an argument and convincing the other person. It is much easier to convince the other person by sharing your experience, although through this way you might not be able to win the argument but you would share a part of yourself with the person and that might open his eyes towards something which he wasn’t aware about before, or it might encourage him to see things from a different perspective.

So after a bit of thinking I thought about creating this new category in this blog titled experiences. Mostly it will be my experiences but if a close friend or family allows me to share his/her experience I would do that as well.

What is life?


if someone asks you ‘Pray Tell me, what life is?’
Take a few grains of sand in your palm and blow them away…

Note: The quote is attributed to Hazrat Ali but I have no means of verifying the authenticity of the same. However what it says about life, is very true and also Hazrat Ali did have a personality which was detached from the life of this world and interested in the life of the hereafter.

Rotten Thoughts & Evil Suspicions


Most of are plagued by rotten thoughts and evil suspicions. Sometimes they hit us while praying, or while reciting Quran or are a result of some fruitless discussions. This also happened to the noble Sahaba-e-Karaam (may Allah be pleased with all of them) and when they discussed this with the source of mercy of all worlds i.e. Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) he provided them with a solution which can be used by us and all Muslims in all times to come. In this blog I will collect some hadiths which Maulana Manzoor  Ahmad Noorani (may Allah have mercy on him) collected in his famous Maariful Ul Hadith under a chapter he specifically made on bad thoughts and evil suspicions. May Allah make this a source of HIS pleasure. Ameen.

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Constant Remembrance of Allah


Malka-e-Yaadasht is a term Sufia-e-Karaam use for the state of mind where one is always connected to Allah, and therefore all actions are done for Allah. Dr. Abdul Hai, has informed us of a very easy way on how to attain this state of mind. This has been taken from Majlis # 39, Islahi Majalis Vol 3 By Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab. The reference is provided in the end.

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A Mother And A Son

A mother loved her son a lot. Right from the time when he was a child she used to take care of his health. The child grew up to be healthy and strong, but somehow developed the habit of smoking. His mother was devastated when she found out. How can he destroy his health so easily? So she called her son and told him about all the years she had put in to ensure that he had a healthy life and that he must leave this habit of smoking immediately.

What is the son’s response going to be?

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Accept Islam for what it is, not for what you want it to be…