The Key Traits of Da’aee

Da’aee is a person who invites others towards Allah. He introduces Allah through the most appropriate of ways, which instills respect and love of Allah in our hearts. A Muslim by default is a Da’aee. He is on duty 24/7 and it is something which  he cannot leave or ignore.

Shouldn’t A Da’aee Be An Aalim

A ‘Da’aee’ is not necessarily an Aalim-e-Deen. Inviting people (including one own’s self) doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of Islam. And if time comes where an in-depth knowledge is required, then a Da’aee can refer to an Aalim (Islamic Scholar) and/or a Mufti.

When our beloved Prophet Muhammad , gave Dawah to Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique , to come to the fold of Islam, Abu Bakr , accepted immediately. And exactly at the same time, he assumed the duties of a Da’aee, as he went and spoke about Islam, Allah and our beloved Prophet Muhammad  and invited people towards Islam. Just the on the next day Abu Bakr  came to Rasool Allah , with 9 new Muslims.

This shows (a) how important it is for a Muslim to be a Da’aee, that Abu  Bakr  did not rest even for a single day and started spreading the word of Islam, and (b) You do not need to be a scholar, Aalim or a Mufti to call people towards Allah. Since Abu Bakr  was just a day old in Islam

The Immediate Impact of A Dawah

The immediate impact of the words of a Da’aee are on his own self. He is the first one to hear his words, and therefore if his heart is open and full of longing and respect, he will be the first one to benefit from those words. Therefore one important thing for a Da’aee to remember is that inviting people towards Allah, is in the end more beneficial for him than others.

The Key Traits of a Da’aee

The Da’aee must have three key traits in him.

  1. He must talk extensively about Allah.
  2. His talk should be backed up by his actions (Amal).
  3. He must be down to earth.

Calling Towards Allah

One of the key traits of being a Da’aee is that we must call all people (including ourselves) towards Allah. Our tongues should constantly be talking about Allah. Talking about how GREAT and BIG Allah is. Talking about how HE NEVER sleeps. How HE has been alive forever and will stay Alive for ever. Talking about how HE has established all the worlds and all the various systems in the world. How HIS creations has no flaws. How everything HE has created such as the stars, the moons, the solar systems etc are perfect and has forever been perfect since their creation. And they will stay perfect, till HE wills. Talking about how Allah owns and controls everything which is between the skies and the land. Talking about how Allah knows and can hear about everything that our tongue says, heart thinks or the mind conceives. Talking about how Allah is oblivious of anyone’s help. How much Allah loves us and has created Jannah for us. Allah knows what is their in our hearts and minds. 

Ulema tells us that calling people towards Allah and Allah alone, will spark the love and respect of Allah in our hearts, which in turn make it easier for us to follow all that that Allah has asked us to do through the Holy Quran and Sunnah of HIS beloved Prophet Muhammad .

Allah has introduced HIMSELF in the Holy Quran in multiple locations. HE has addressed not only Muslims but all of mankind and Jinn. So that everyone can recognize Allah. It is this message which is the most important message that a Da’aee needs to deliver to himself and to entire humanity.

The Amal (Actions) of a Da’aee

It is the actions and not the knowledge, that gives power to the words of a Da’aee. Sometimes a Da’aee is silent but his actions are speaking. All Muslims are Da’aees and therefore their collective actions speak louder than the words of millions of Islamic scholars. The action of a Da’aee will open a lot more doors than his words. A brief glimpse on the life of our beloved Prophet will quickly show us that he always did more than what he asked us to do. His salah, fasting, charity, ibadah, respecting rights etc, was miles ahead of what he actually made binding on us.

He must be down to earth.

A Da’aee must always think of himself as worst than the entire humanity. And actually it is a fact. We do not know that people who are not on Islam today, will become better Muslims than us, and we do not know whether our death will be on Emaan or Kufr. Therefore it is quite foolish to think of ourselves as having high morales. As a role we are required to spread the message of Allah, so we need to do it. Such a role should not instill in our hearts diseases such as pride or loftiness.

A person was cursing a pious buzurg in front of him. And telling him how bad he is etc. After sometime, the person stopped and asked of the buzurg, are you even listening to what I am saying. The Buzurq replied ‘Yes’. The person asked ‘Then why are you not saying anything’. The buzurg gave a reply which is  guidance for all of us. He said ‘If what you are saying is true, then my end will be worst then what you are saying. And if what you are saying is false, then I don’t care, since my end will be beautiful’

As Muslims (and therefore as Da’aees) our sight must always be on our end. If Allah with his extreme mercy and forgiveness accept our deeds then its good. Otherwise it is worst then what we can ever imagine.then I my end will be worst then what you are saying. But if what you are saying is false, then my Allah will make my hereafter g

One of the key things that a Da’aee must guard himself against, is Pride. When one is inviting people towards Allah, it generally brings pride in his heart. He starts thinking of himself as ‘better’ than others. This is one thing he must continuously guard himself against. Even a small portion of pride, can burn all our good deeds and intentions. A Da’aee must always keep on thinking that these words are more for him than others. He must constantly keep asking Allah to help him from Pride. 

Secondly, a Da’aee must also be down to earth, since not all the responses he receives will be kind. People will make fun of him, or ignore him, or taunt/tease him. 

always used to do more than what he used to ask of us. e.g. He asked us to pray five times day, while he  used to pray more. His Tahajjud Salah is well known for all Muslims as to how


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