Enter Into Islam Completely

How often, while asking our sisters to do Hijab and our brothers to come to Salah or to keep beard, the instant reply is that though our outer self might not be entirely as per Islam our inside is pure! And then we are treated with a stream of examples of some ‘Bay Haya’ Hijabi sister and a liar brother with a beard. More scary are the times when we believe that some rituals of Ibadah like Salah, or some traits related to physical appearance like Hijab, beard etc, are all that there is to Islam, and we don’t need to do anything more.  Recently I spent some time reading about Surah Bakra : 208, which bridges this gap.

Surely being truthful is as important as keeping a beard and praying Salah. Covering your hair is as important as having ‘Taqwa’ and ‘Haya’ in our hearts and eyes. All of these things are parts of our deen. But we must not leave, ignore or postpone following one part of deen with the reason that at the moment we are concentrating on some other part of our deen. The following Aayah, will InshaAllah help us in being clear in this area.

2:208. O you who believe, enter Islam completely, and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Surely, he is an open enemy for you. (Translation From Noble Quran By Mufti Taqi Usmani)

The Aayah starts with the phrase ‘O you who believe’, which means Allah the Almighty is addressing our insignificant self. All such Aayahs, which begin with ‘O you who believe’,  should have a special feeling in our hearts and enable us to listen to the message more sincerely, since it is we who are being addressed. After addressing us, Allah has asked us to enter into Islam completely. Allah is telling us that it is not enough to be a Muslim but rather we must enter Islam in completion. This raises the question that what is the meaning of ‘in completion’?

In Ma’ariful Quran Mufti Muhammad Shafi  explains that there are two kinds of completion.

The first kind is to enter into Islam in our entire person. Our hands and feet, eyes and ears, feelings and thinking, hearts and minds hence all parts of our self (in summation, Zaahir and Baatin both) should all be within the parameters of Islam as laid down by Allah. Going forward with the above example, our sisters must cover their hair AND have Haya in their hearts and actions. Our brothers should have a beard AND be truthful.

Completion also means to follow Islam in all facets of life. Be it beliefs, acts of worship, social dealings, business transactions, governance, politics, trade, industry or any other part of our individual or social life. Since Islam is a complete way of life therefore we have been asked, in the light of this Aayah, to follow the complete system of Islam. Thus e.g. praying five times a day and believing in one God i.e. Allah. does not excuse us from following Islam in our business transactions.

No Muslim shall be deserving of calling himself a Muslim unless he accepts all Islamic injunctions, truly and sincerely, irrespective of the facet of life they belong to and/or whether they belong to our Zaahir or Baatin.

May Allah enable us to make dua for entering into Islam completely, with our entire being i.e. our hearts, minds, ears, eyes etc And also enable us to follow Islam in all facets of life not just Ibadah and beliefs.


1. You can download the ‘Noble Quran’ which is the English Translation of Quran written by Mufti Taqi Usmani from here.

2. For reading the entire Tafseer of the Aayah in Urdu, click here to download the PDF file. The explanation is on the pages 3-4 of the PDF File.

3. For reading the entire Tafseer of the Aayah, in English, click here to download the PDF and read pages 29 – 32 of the PDF file.

4. For reading the complete Maariful Quran (in Urdu or English) online, visit the site http://maarifulquran.net.

since Allah the most powerful and the creator and sustainer of ALL the worlds is addressing our insignificant being.

The second meaning provided by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, is that we must accept all injunctions of Islam. In the light of this Aayah, accepting some and hesitating about others is not what Allah wants from us. He goes on to explain that since Islam is a complete way of life covering all facets of life,


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