The State of Our State

The state of our beloved Pakistan is known to all. We just have to follow news for a day to realize how grave our problems  have become. Is there any solution for us? Can we come out of this mess? Does anyone have any idea of what the solution might be and how we can become a formidable state as envisaged by our fore fathers? In this blog I attempt to look into one solution which are available to us.

We all know that Pakistan, though having a lot of potential, is quite weak, especially when compared with the existing super powers. A weak person or a weak nation has only 3 choices.

  1. Hide from states with power.
  2. Stand up and be killed.
  3. Become a servant of someone with power.

Hiding from states with power is not possible anymore. We are already on the world map. Rich with resources, having a Islamic constitution and armed with nuclear weapons, we cannot hide or be left alone.

Point # 2. Nobody, including you and me, can agree to this. We all love to live and stay away from trouble. Nobody wants to die for honor, integrity or freewill.

Point # 3, is quite simple. When you don’t have power you become a servant of someone with power. His power becomes your power. You just have to forget about ‘small’ things like integrity, freedom and living life your own way.

I believe, we are in trouble, since we are not following point # 3 completely. We are doing everything that a servant does, but want to call ourselves as our master’s ally rather than our master’s slave. We want a relationship based on Equality! Why would America or any other superpower want that??? What do we have to be their equal? There are 101 ways they can completely ruin us and have already implemented a lot of them. Either we become America’s slave 100% or we find someone more powerful than America.

But is there any power more powerful than America. I believe yes. That power is Allah. HIS power is absolute and all encompassing. HIS power never weakens and HIS help is available to all who are willing to become HIS servant. HE has power more than anyone can ever imagine. More powerful and More Wise then all our enemies combined. Are we willing, as a nation fighting desperately to save its integrity and geographical boundaries, to get Allah’s love? For surely once we have HIS love, then there is no other power we need to fear. In fact all other powers need to fear us. In the following Aayah, Allah has clearly specified what we can do to get HIS love,  mercy and hence HIS protection.


The solution that is provided in the above verse is to follow Sunnah in all facets of our individual and social life. But sadly, far from following Sunnah, we have extreme displeasure and hatred of Sunnah, so much so that today we are even making fun of Sunnah. Asking anyone to follow Sunnah, is like inviting him to start throwing mud on your face. We all look in our mirrors and like the image of the super star that we see, but in fact, this very image is disliked by Allah. It is disliked by our Prophet (peace be upon him), so much so, that he didn’t even care  to look at such faces. Tell this to anyone, and the immediate answer would be, that ‘we are okay from inside, outside appearance doesn’t matter’. If they don’t really matter then let us follow it?

When ‘Firon’, brought hundreds of Magicians in front of Musa (as), their Magic failed  by just one small action of Musa (as). When the magicians saw it, they immediately became Muslims and said that what Musa did was not magic, he is surely being helped by Allah. Later when Musa (as) asked Allah, that how come he gave faith to hundreds of magicians in one single second, HE said that ‘they came dressed exactly like you. I liked that so much, that I decided to forgive all of them’.

The inside of the magicians was filled with sorcery, magic and shirk. They just changed their outside to match the outside of Allah’s Prophet of the time, and Allah took care of their inside . How come then, Allah will not help us, if we adopt every single sunnah, of HIS and our beloved, Prophet (peace be upon him). If following Sunnah is difficult then at least we can make dua to Allah and seek HIS help in doing so.

May Allah guide us to ways through which we can easily implement Sunnah in our lives. Ameen.


2 thoughts on “The State of Our State”

  1. I agree whole-heatedly. The questions is, who will provide that knowledge when half the population is illiterate, 24% lives below the poverty line and our leaders have led us to # 34 of the most corrupt countries in the world(from 42).

    We need to standardize education both religious and scientific. Train teachers and pay them well, so people don’t rely on so called religious scholars to teach them about Islam. The need is to become strong and self-reliant.

    There is so much potential in our country. We have no infrastructure. We need a power generation, mass transit, tax and health care system that benefits the common man. Investors are lined up to do business in Pakistan, if we can only get sincere leader ship that will get rid of the corruption and lawlessness in the country. With economic well-being will come social change.

    1. Yes obviously all the above are required. But the question is, WHY we don’t have any good leaders? If we can have good bankers, good businessmen, good scientists, good teachers, good ulema, good sportsmen etc, why can’t we have good leaders? In this article I try to find answer to that problem from the Quran. Because Allah has already given us a solution in the said verses of Quran and that is to follow the Sunnah. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) has already told us that ‘our deeds are our rulers’ So the focus of the article was to identify that the social change has to start from within ourselves. If we can change ourselves, and become agents of making others make a change, then we can initiate a snowball affect of social change. This is mentioned in the Quran as well in many verses, where we are asked to propagate good and forbid evil (Ulema add that this for the circle which we can influence without breaking any law). I am afraid, that unless we change ourselves, even great leadership will not be able to help.

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