Life’s Difficulties

Often life throws us a curve ball. We are expecting something and end up getting something totally different. While at that time, we are thinking that we have lost something important, or things have been made difficult for us, but this is a thinking which is very limited and does not take into account Allah’s supreme plan for us. In this verse, Allah tells us about something similar.


Purdah For Women

Islamic faith requires women to cover their bodies and face. Related to the subject the man are required to have modesty in their eyes and do not look at women to derive pleasure etc. However due to our current state of Emaan it is quite difficult to convince our sisters and brothers to follow this very important part of our religion. In this blog I would explore this topic in the light of a ‘Fiqhi’ article written by Mufti Taqi Usmani and the Tafsir Ma’ariful Quran The reference could be seen at the end of this blog.

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Slavery In Islam

When we speak about slavery, the first impression we get are mal-nourished and half naked men and women tied up in chains and some cruel master hitting them with whips. Either shivering in extreme cold weather or working in the fields in extremely hot weather. Slave women being raped by multiple owners and the resultant children either being aborted, killed or used as slaves. The state in which POWs are kept is even worse. I often wondered that how come Islam has allowed such a practice? In Ma’ariful Quran (English), Mufti Muhammad Shafi explains that Islamic concept of slavery is totally different and should not be mixed with the impression one derives from other forms of slavery.


Being a born Muslim, I never got to understand who Allah is, although I was made to follow all his commands. All I knew was that HE is someone big and powerful. It was in the company of Ulema-e-Karaam, that I actually started comprehending Allah as they explained the various verses of the Holy Quran in which Allah has introduced HIMSELF and defined HIS attributes. Without these verses we would have been lost as no human mind can ever be able to comprehend Allah. In this blog I look at some verses from the Holy Quran, which gives a description of Allah.

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What is Sabr?

I used to think of Sabr or Patience as accepting trouble and pain as Allah’s will.  But recently, while researching for one of my blogs ‘Recipe of Success in Life’, I found that the meaning is much more than what I used to think. In this blog, I write about the exact meaning of Sabr, as explained by Mufti Muhammad Shafi in Maariful Quran in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

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What is Death?

The world is full of scholars who take pride in their knowledge and theories. They ‘gift’ the world with new theories and give explanations for old and new phenomenons. The world is also full of scientists who take pride in their ability to research and go deep into things to explain why they exist. But the world with its full might and full power, does not have the ability to define death. How does Quran and Islam define death, is what I explore in this blog

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Recipe of Success In Life

How many times, have we done something and regretted that we did it in a rush and without properly thinking it through. How many people have we seen, who give up on something great just because they feel its not working out or not giving quick results. How many talents have been wasted because they wanted something quick and don’t want to put in the hard work, education, skill and experience required to achieve greatness. And how many times we have not even attempted something because it is way too difficult. In this blog I write about this key trait of man and what Allah tells us to solve it.

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