Being a born Muslim, I never got to understand who Allah is, although I was made to follow all his commands. All I knew was that HE is someone big and powerful. It was in the company of Ulema-e-Karaam, that I actually started comprehending Allah as they explained the various verses of the Holy Quran in which Allah has introduced HIMSELF and defined HIS attributes. Without these verses we would have been lost as no human mind can ever be able to comprehend Allah. In this blog I look at some verses from the Holy Quran, which gives a description of Allah.

For below verses, the translations are from Noble Quran By Mufti Taqi Usmani and explanations have been summarized from Maariful Quran (English Edition). The verses are Aayat Ul Kursi and Surah-e-Ikhlas.

Meaning of Word Allah

The word Allah is like a proper noun for Allah’s being. It means: ‘the Being who combines all perfections and is free of all shortcomings

Who Should We Worship?


Translation: Allah: There is No God But He.

Since ‘Allah’ combines all perfections and is free of all shortcomings, therefore there is absolutely nothing worth worshiping except Allah.

When Was Allah Created


Translation: The Living, the all sustaining.

Allah is Ever Living. HE was not created. HE is ever living and Ever Lasting. He is above and beyond both birth and death.

Is Allah Powerful or Weak?

Allah is not weak, in fact, Allah is ‘qa’im’, meaning HE stands firmly and keeps other sustained and supported, all simultaneously. Therefore we rely on Allah for our existence, but Allah does not rely on anyone or anything for HIS existence.

Can Allah Get Tired, If HE is Ever Living and Ever Lasting? 


Translation: Neither dozing overtakes HIM not sleep.

After learning that Allah is holding, in perfect working unison, the whole universe, which includes in itself, all skies and earths and all there is in them, we could think Allah can feel tired and need rest and sleep. In this verse, Allah tells us that HE is above weariness, exhaustion, drowsiness and sleep.

How Much Does Allah own? 


Translation: To HIM belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth.

Allah says that everything that is in the heavens and that is in the earth, belongs to HIM and HIM alone. HE is the authority and may do whatever HE deems fit with them.

Can HE be influenced by Intercession? 


Translation: Who can intercede with HIM without HIS permission?

No one can influence Allah’s decision, and no one can intercede, except those for whom Allah HIMSELF has granted the permission to do so.

What is the scope of Allah’s knowledge? 


Translation: HE Knows what is before them and what is behind them.

a. Allah is aware of all the states and events surrounding us.

b. Allah is aware of all states and events before and after our birth.

c. Allah is aware of all states and events open to men and all states and events hidden to men.

Thus a human’s knowledge is partial or limited and can never be whole. While Allah’s knowledge is complete, and WHOLE and all encompassing.

Does Anyone have the same level of Knowledge as Allah ?



Translation: While they encompass nothing of HIS knowledge, except what HE wills.

No. Man and the rest of the created beings cannot cover even a part of Allah’s infinite knowledge. What man knows is only a small part of the complete whole and even that knowledge is given to man by Allah Almighty HIMSELF. Thus the all encompassing knowledge of every particle in the universe is a particular attribute of none but Allah Almighty. No man, no created being can claim to have a share in it. And whatever knowledge we do possess, is the one that Allah has given to us.

Is there anyone like Allah ?


Translation: Say, “The Truth is that Allah is One.”

Allah is one and beyond composition, plurality and resemblance, which means that HE is neither composed of any elements, nor does HE have any partner, nor has HE any resemblance to anything. His oneness and uniqueness means that there can be no other like HIM and there can be no other who can be created like HIM.

Does Allah require any help or partners ?


Translation: Allah is besought of all, needing none

Allah has no superiors or colleagues/partners, in-fact everyone turns to HIM for the fulfillment of their desires and needs; thus all people depend on him, but he does not depend on any one.

Does Allah have any Children or Father?


Translation: He neither begot anyone, not was he begotten.

There is no similarity between Allah and us with respect to our creation. While we come in this world through a biological process of procreation, Allah is above such filthy means of creation and nor does HE require to create anyone through this filthy means. Thus HE  has no children, nor is HE the child of anyone.

Was there someone who had Equal Powers as those of Allah


Translation: And equal to HIM has never been anyone.

There is no one in the entire universe, nor ever was, nor ever can be, who is similar to Allah, or equal in rank with HIM, or resembling HIM in HIS attributes, works and powers in any degree whatsoever.

To summarize the being of Allah, Mufti Muhammad Shafi writes in Maariful Quran Vol1 Page 634

HE is living, HE hears and sees. HE speaks, HE is self-existent, HE is eternal and everlasting. HE is the innovator and creator of the entire universe. HE is above changes and effects. HE is the master of the whole universe. HE is so exalted in HIS majesty that no one can speak before HIM without HIS permission; HE is the wielder of such absolute power that the tremendous function of creating the universe, sustaining it and making it work steadily, does not cause him to tire or relax. So all-encompassing is HIS knowledge that not the minutest possible atom or drop, open or hidden, could stay out of it.

The purpose of the blog is for me to realize how BIG and Powerful Allah is, so that it becomes easier for me follow the commands of Allah and implement Islam in my life. ully, 

Since Allah is Ever Living, therefore, is it possible that Allah can become weak? In this Aayah Allah says No. Infact, 


3 thoughts on “Allah”

  1. The details given are almost identical to what a Hindu knows of Mahadeva or God of Gods who is all existing all pervading all powerful and all knowing. He is both the light and the dark, he was, is and will be.
    Guess all religions point in the same direction.

    1. Thank you for comments. True but Islam does not allow worship or even acts similar to worship of anything else except Allah. I believe there lies the basic difference. In Islam there is no concept of God of Gods as there is only ONE God I.e. Allah. Thanks.

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