The Saint & The Devil

Once upon a time a saint was walking through a forest. Suddenly a massive ball of Noor (light) appeared in front of him. He was stunned to see it. A voice called out from the Noor and said

This is Allah. I am so impressed by your excessive worship that You are not required to worship me anymore

The saint was happy for a moment thinking that Allah has bestowed upon him a great honor but suddenly he realized that his worship is nothing when compared with the worship of Rasool Allah image and that such an honor was not bestowed on him image. so this surely must be the devil so he immediately recited

لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله

Hearing this the Noor (light) turned into the devil and started running away as is the barakah of this kalima. While running the devil cried out

Excellent O Saint. Your ilm (knowledge) saved you

The saint immediately recognized the devil’s next trick and replied

Curse be on you o devil you attack me even while you are running away. It is not my knowledge but rather Allah’s blessing which saved me

The story gives us three important lessons

  1. The devil is our open enemy as is mentioned in numerous places in the Quran and he will do everything that will take us away from Allah. So much so that if we have come under the devils’ influence we will not even realize the clear and open truth. In the below verse Allah mentions this clearly.

    Translation: Did I not direct you, O children of Adam, that you must not worship the Satan, (because) he is an open enemy for you. 36:60
  2. The knowledge of the Saint did help him, since It was through his knowledge that he was blessed with Allah’s help. For he knew about the worship of our Prophet image and that our Prophet image never left a single Salah even during extreme sickness. Therefore we too should seek knowledge. Allah has mentioned in Sura-e-Baqra that the Quran is the guidance through which people who fear Allah can earn forgiveness and Jannah from Allah. Therefore we must seek the knowledge of the Quran from reliable sources which can explain the Quran from Quran and Sunnah itself. One such source is the Ma’ariful Quran, a reliable and authentic tafsir, written by Mufti Muhammad Shafi and is available in both Urdu and English.
  3. Lastly, the Saint said that it was not his knowledge but rather Allah’s blessing which saved him. Therefore we  should rely on, seek and make dua to get Allah’s blessing rather than relying on our knowledge or anything else. 

May Allah shower his blessings on us and save us from the treachery of the devil. Ameen.


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