The Conspiracy Behind Conspiracy Theories

Have you heard about Free Masons, Illuminati, The Arrivals etc?  There is no shortage of Conspiracy mongering amongst our society. Moreover such theories are immediately consumed by Muslims and forwarded without any research etc. Although these conspiracies can be true but we are not aware of the general solution that Allah has proposed in such cases. In this blog I look into some of the problem with these theories, our responsibility and the solution provided by Allah.

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Forwarding Emails

A common habit in most Muslims, is that they will forward Islamic emails, without doing proper research as to whether the content is correct or not. Most of the times I receive incorrect ‘Islamic’ emails, which have reached me, after passing through hundreds of Muslims. Recently I received an email and when I researched it, I found it to be totally incorrect. What is our responsibility as Muslims while spreading any form of news? In this blog I will explore this subject.

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The Best form of Protest

Extremists have struck again. They have managed to find the nerve center, attacking which, invokes extreme reaction from Muslims all around the world. This has been going on for sometime and it is encouraging to see the normal street protests getting stronger and more vocal. However the reaction of Muslim governments and rulers is only reactive and concentrated more on ‘damage control’. This in return is adding fuel to fire as a growing number of Muslim protestors realize the continuous sluggishness of their governments. They definitely want more action, but are unable to find the same from their governments.

It is also alarming to see that some Muslim journalists are more focused on the negative coverage of the protests while their condemnation of the original act is miserly to say the least.

In this blog I will take a look on why such things happen and what we should do in such cases.

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Photography / Still Pictures

Photography and Making of still pictures is considered as one of the biggest sins in Islam, but like Music it has become one of the most common practices in the Ummah today. However the fact is that still pictures are Haram and one of those sins for which the most severe punishment will be given on the day of judgment. Yet more or less we are ignorant about this fact. In this blog I will collect some points from Mufti Taqi Usmani’s ‘Fiqhi’ article on the same subject.


There seems to be a confusion on the subject of ‘Qaza-e-Umri’. Qaza-e-Umri means to offer all ‘Farz’ and ‘Waajib’ prayers (salah) which have been missed in our life. A group of people are wondering whether this can be proved from Quran & Hadees. In this blog I will explore this topic in the light of Mufti Taqi Usmani’s Book ‘Fiqhi Muqalaat’ Vol 4. In the end I will provide the link of the specific part of the book, which will InshaAllah cover the topic in full detail. This would be a good source for all those who wish to have detailed information on this topic.