There seems to be a confusion on the subject of ‘Qaza-e-Umri’. Qaza-e-Umri means to offer all ‘Farz’ and ‘Waajib’ prayers (salah) which have been missed in our life. A group of people are wondering whether this can be proved from Quran & Hadees. In this blog I will explore this topic in the light of Mufti Taqi Usmani’s Book ‘Fiqhi Muqalaat’ Vol 4. In the end I will provide the link of the specific part of the book, which will InshaAllah cover the topic in full detail. This would be a good source for all those who wish to have detailed information on this topic. 


In Sahih Bukhari, it is quoted through Anas Bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him)


It is clearly stated in the above Hadith that if someone forgets to offer his ‘Salah’, it is obligatory on him to offer it as soon as he remembers, and that there is no other ‘kaffara’ (way out), other than this.

In Sahih Muslim


In the above Hadith, it is mentioned that when someone misses Salah because of sleep or ‘Ghaflat’ (ignorance), then whenever he remembers he must offer his Salah, because Allah says that ‘Establish prayer as soon as you remember me’

In Sunan Nasai


In the above Hadith it is stated that Rasool Allah image was asked about a person who misses Salah due to sleep or ignorance, so he image replied that his ‘Kaffara’(way out) is that as soon as he remembers he must offer Salah.

Battle of Khunduq

In the battle of Khunduq when a lot of Salah were missed due to preparation of Jihad and during actual Jihad, Rasool Allah image offered all of the Salah missed as ‘Qaza’. So from here we can learn that if more than one Salah is missed, then they can be offered together.

Is Tawbah Enough?

For missing one’s Salah, it is not just enough to do a ‘verbal’ tawbah. Tawbah’s basic requirement is one should repent by heart, by tongue and also by deed hence if there is some right which has to be returned, it should be returned. e.g. if one has looted money from someone, it will not be enough to do a ‘verbal’ Tawbah. For one’s Tawbah to be accepted, he should also return the looted money after repentance and remorse. The same concept can be applied for Qaza Salah, that it will not be enough to do a verbal Tawbah, since Salah was due on us, the due should be returned, for the Tawbah to be meaningful and to be accepted. 

Some Other Points

  1. It is better to complete one’s Qaza Salah rather than offer Nawafil.
  2. Leaving Salah is a big and grave sin, one should not leave Salah thinking that he will offer Qaza later.
  3. Offering of Qaza Salah of a missed Farz Salah, is not equal to Nawafil.
  4. It is not correct to think that if we offer a Salah on a Mubarak day (last Juma of Ramadan) or in a Mubarak place (Masjid-e-Nabvi, Masjid-e-Haram etc), then it will be enough to cover up for the total number of missed Salah.

Mufti Taqi Usmani’s Article

For people who wish to learn more about this topic, should go through the below containing the article/Fatwa of Mufti Taqi Usmani on this subject. The Fatwa has a lot of details about this topic such as

  1. Narration and explanation of all Ahadith related to this topic.
  2. The view of all prominent scholars i.e. Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Hanbal and Imam Shafai, on this topic.
  3. Some general misconceptions about completing entire life’s Qaza Salah on one day.
  4. Method/Recommendation of offering Qaza-e-Umri.

Click to download the Fatwa in pdf format: QazaEUmri

 May Allah grant us wisdom and help us in completing our dues, before our death, so that on the day of Judgement we become eligible for Allah’s Fazal. Ameen.





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