The Best form of Protest

Extremists have struck again. They have managed to find the nerve center, attacking which, invokes extreme reaction from Muslims all around the world. This has been going on for sometime and it is encouraging to see the normal street protests getting stronger and more vocal. However the reaction of Muslim governments and rulers is only reactive and concentrated more on ‘damage control’. This in return is adding fuel to fire as a growing number of Muslim protestors realize the continuous sluggishness of their governments. They definitely want more action, but are unable to find the same from their governments.

It is also alarming to see that some Muslim journalists are more focused on the negative coverage of the protests while their condemnation of the original act is miserly to say the least.

In this blog I will take a look on why such things happen and what we should do in such cases.

Why Can’t They leave us Alone?

Sometimes its cartoons and sometimes movies. It seems that these extremists are suffering from a serious complex of some kind and will not leave the Muslims alone.

The only plausible explanation can be that they don’t have any answer to the light of Islam. All their arguments have ended, they don’t have any authentic book, they don’t have any personality who they can follow. They hate the fact that Muslims all around the world love their Prophet imageand are prepared to lay down their lives for him image . They have an immoral and animalistic culture and hate to see our women, men and children opting for good moral values rather than going after animalistic needs. While Muslims have a complete code of life in the form of Sunnah, they just have some empty slogans and hollow man-made codes of conduct.

What Should We Do?

1. We must organize protests and rallies, in huge numbers, and make sure that our protests are lodged with concerned embassies. We must demand the arrest and handover of such criminals to Saudi Arabia, where they should be tried by Sharia Law.

2. Muslim governments should unite and issue arrest warrants for all such criminals and demand their immediate arrest and handover.

3. The condemnation of our journalists and columnists should be more vociferous and focused on the original act, rather than the ensuing protest rallies and marches.

4. In our protests we should remember the laws of Sharia and ensure that no violent attack is committed and no property is damaged.

5. We must do everything to ensure that such material is blocked and boycott all proponents.

6. We must also condemn the publishers of such media.

7. We must also ensure that we are not acting as tools to promote such media.

The Best Form of Protest

But the best form of protest is to hit the nerve center of these extremists, something which hurts them the most.

And that is to bring our lives closer to Sunnah. The one which is liked and loved by Allah. The more effort we put in to understand and follow the Sunnah, the more we hit the nerves of these extremists. The sooner we follow the Sunnah, the sooner a majority of the Non Muslim population will see the beauty of Islam and then revert to Islam. This will hurt the extremists most. And will be the most befitting reply and form of protest for this heinous crime. .

Some Links

Below are some links of some popular books of Seerah.

Muhammad The Last Messager By Allama Sayed Sulaiman Nadwi

The Ways of the Prophet by Dr. Abdul Hai Arfi

The Authority of Sunnah by Mufti Taqi Usmani


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