The Conspiracy Behind Conspiracy Theories

Have you heard about Free Masons, Illuminati, The Arrivals etc?  There is no shortage of Conspiracy mongering amongst our society. Moreover such theories are immediately consumed by Muslims and forwarded without any research etc. Although these conspiracies can be true but we are not aware of the general solution that Allah has proposed in such cases. In this blog I look into some of the problem with these theories, our responsibility and the solution provided by Allah.

The Issue with these Theories

The last time I researched about one of these theories I found a lot of questionable items in them. e.g.

1. Containing Outright lies.
2. Twisting the meaning of Quran to prove their point.
3. Some points were plain absurd and unscientific.
4. Some things which are very small were blown to epic proportions.
5. There are no solutions provided and even if they are provided they are un-islamic (remember there is no such thing as partially Islamic).
6. Some of the ‘historical’ facts provided are again distorted and there are no references available to cross check. So at best they can be just partial truths twisted to prove a particular point.

All of the above are sins in themselves. And thus I fail to see how they can be effective in improving the conditions of the Muslims.

What is our Responsibility?

Our foremost responsibility is to first research the material thoroughly before we even think about spreading it. If there is even a single second of lie in it, then we should immediately dump the material and also make the people aware about the same, before they start to consume and forward it.

Read here for one such case that happened with me. 

Our second responsibility is to see what change is required from our side, in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Any extremist or crazy person in any side of the world can upload some video on the internet, and we can be crazier to consume it and forward it, without thinking what we are required to do. Please read below, what Allah has asked us to do in such cases.

First, are they really scheming Against Us?

Yes. Ever since our Noble Prophet Muhammad image started spreading the message of Allah, the scheming started which was just one of the forms of hostilities. In the Holy Quran, Allah has told us clearly and repeatedly about the schemes that the Munafiqeen, Jews, Mushrikeen etc were making. And also told us that they will be forever making these schemes till we leave the way of Allah and Sunnah of our Prophet image.

So frankly speaking, we would be quite naïve to think that this is a modern phenomena and also quite naïve to label such conspiracies as utterly false.

In the Quran Allah has said

86:15 – They are devising plans.

3:120, If something good happens to you, it annoys them and if something evil befalls you, they are delighted with it.

What is the Solution

5:105 – O You who believe, take care of your own selves. The one who has gone astray cannot harm you, if you are on the right path. To Allah all of you have to return. Then HE will tell you what you have been doing.

This is one key point that we seem to be missing while studying on this topic i.e. how can we be on the straight path. Let them devise whatever they are devising, but it is very important for us to stay on the straight path. And if we have deviated from it, then it is very crucial for us to repent and come back on the straight path. If we do that, then they cannot harm us.

3:120 – If you keep patience and fear Allah, their cunning shall not harm you at all. Allah is All-Encompassing of what they do.

Patience or Sabr, has some additional meaning in Islam, than the standard more common meaning. It can be read in detail here. Fear of Allah or Taqwa has also been explained in Maariful Quran, as something which will invoke Allah’s help for the Muslimeen. The excerpt from Maariful Quran is available here.

4:79- Whatever good comes to you, it is from Allah and whatever evil visits you, it comes from your own selves.

In the above Aayah, as well, it is clearly mentioned that if their evil plans do reach and impact us, it is in actual a result of our own misdeeds.

Therefore to summarize the solution we should ‘Walk on the Straight Path’, i.e. follow the Quran and Sunnah, Have patience (sabr) and adopt Taqwa (fear of Allah). If we do that, their plans cannot even touch us.

Mapping It With Current Affairs

The jist of these conspiracy theories is that they are trying to control our economies, our minds (through Music/Media) etc.

If we look into the above mentioned conspiracies, then Riba has been termed as Haraam, so if we oppose it, then they cannot control our economy. All music is haram, therefore that chapter is closed as well, so we are saved from the devil music of MJ or Madonna. Cartoon shows are depictions of still photography, therefore that is also haram. TV shows and movies have a lot of ‘haram’ factors in them, so Ulema have advised from decades to abandon them. Thus if we have already accepted the Islamic code and are following it to the best of our abilities, we can be sure to be free from these and any future conspiracies and also be sure to be receiving Allah’s help.

Allah already know these people, HE knows their conspiracies, HE knows their capabilities and in order to help HE has clearly defined the solutions in Quran and the Sunnah. We just need to read and follow.

Can there be any other help?

Nowadays we tend to look more towards solutions based on our own understanding and thinking and the thinking of modern philosophers. Although there is no harm in following them, if they don’t conflict with Sharia, but surely in the end the help will only come from Allah. None of the other solutions will work, if Allah doesn’t want it to. So our trust should only be in Allah.

3:160 – If Allah helps you, there is none to overcome you. And if HE abandons you, then, who is there to help you after that? In Allah the believers should place their trust

Will they be punished.

Surely all conspirators, whether they be from Muslims or Non Muslims, will suffer both in this world and the next.


4:123-This is not (a matter of) your fancies or the fancies of the People of the Book. Whoever does evil shall be requited for it, and he shall find neither a friend for himself, besides Allah, nor a helper.

Final Note

We must make dua to Allah and seek his help against all such conspiracies.  We must ask him to give us help and to protect us and the entire Muslim Ummah from such evil designs. And we should ask HIM to show us the right path and make it easy for us to walk on it. So that we are able to receive Allah’s help. 


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