Losing A Match

Pakistan lost the semi final against Sri Lanka in the world t20. A tournament which is done every two years and in which Pakistan has made to at least the semi finals of each version since its inception.

We, as a nation, watch and follow cricket with immense passion. Even ‘immense’ seems to be a very soft word. The passion makes us forget some of the basic requirements that Allah has put upon us. Very few Pakistanis pray five times a day, the number of people praying in the masjid is fewer still. During a game this number drops significantly. The percentage of curses increase further. Based on the result of the game if we win, we either indulge in celebration with music, dance and merry making while cursing the other team or if we lose we unleash the cannons on our very own, forgetting immediately all their previous contributions. The cycle repeats when the team enters another tournament.

As per a hadees, when you leave Allah for the world  then Allah leaves you to the world. Win or lose, the end result for us stays the same. Our ‘sin’ balance increases and our ‘naiki’ balance decreases.

If we are able to follow a game without sacrificing Salah in the masjid, stop cursing, appreciate the skills of both teams, wait for the next tournament if our team loses, then  maybe we can attract Allah’s ‘rahmah’ rather than his wrath.

May Allah protect us from all sins open and hidden.


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