The Seed of ‘La Ilaha IllAllah’


When the Kuffar of Makkah heard that our beloved Prophet image was calling not only them but the entire humanity towards  La Ilaha IllAllah Mohammad Ur Rasool Allah, they revolted as they immediately understood how life altering statement this is. Unfortunately we have lost the actual meaning of this Kalima. In this blog I will try to understand the heavy requirement that this statement (kalima) places on us.


The faith of Muslims in this kalima defines whether they are Muslims or not. A mere verbal recitation is not enough. The belief in it must be so strong that influences our decisions and our way of life.

The statement brings everyone to believe in the absolute authority of Allah and that through HIS beloved messenger Muhammad image, Allah has given the entire humanity a complete set of rules and regulations on how to live your life.

The reason of the retaliation of the Kuffar of Makkah was due to the reason that once they accept this Kalima they cannot make any decision, in conflict with the guidelines provided by Allah and his Messenger image .

Today we as Muslims, recite this Kalima and say that we believe in it, but we are not willing to change our lives because of it. We have our own set of rules and guidelines which we ‘think’ is Islam. But in reality it is not.

If you want to know how strong your belief in this Kalima is, then you must look inside and see how much are you willing to change your life and bring it in conformity with Islam. How much time and effort are you willing to spend to know more and more about the requirements that this Kalima places on you.

Knowing how strong our faith is quite easy. We just need to see what our first reaction is, as soon as we hear a command of Allah and his Prophet image.

Is our first reaction of denial, making an excuse, or is the reaction a development of a desire to adopt the command as immediately as possible? Do we say ‘at least our heart is pure’ or we say ‘O Allah make our heart pure and open it to make it easy for us to follow your commands’. Do we try to look at the people who are not following the commands of Allah or we look at the group who are? Do we try to post a question ‘where is this written’ to find ways to deny that the command even exists or we ask the question ‘where is this written’ to learn the full scale and parameters of the command, so that it can be implemented in full? Our first reaction will tell us where we stand.

Take a minute and read through the below lines one by one and think about your first reaction.

1. Music is absolutely haram.
2. Hijab is absolutely necessary.
3. Beard is absolutely necessary.
4. Leaving Fajr Salah (or any Salah), will lead us to Jahannum (Hell).
5. The TV shows and movies we cannot live without are haram.
6. Salah in Masjid is absolutely necessary.
7. Even a single dime of Riba/Interest is haram.
8. Back biting is haram.

Now imagine a son, whose father orders him to quit smoking. The son immediately takes out and lights a cigarette and blows the smoke on the father’s face. Will we accept the explanation of the son, when he tells us that he is a good son? We will say that you can be good in other things, but you are definitely not a good son. To fit the criteria of a good son we need him to take out his pack of cigarettes and flush it down the toilet.

My dear brothers and sisters we cannot hide from Allah. So when our Allah has told our women to wear Hijab, and they go out with their hair uncovered, they do so right in front of Allah. When our Allah has told (through HIS Prophet image) the men, to grow their beards, and when they shave or trim it, they do so right in front of HIM. Our Allah has told us to not even look at Na Mahram men or women and we are watching our favorite TV shows right in front of HIM. We are tapping to our favorite tune, skipping Salah, all right in front of Allah our creator and to WHOM we will surely return. We are stubbornly doing all these sins right in front of Allah, and are not only quite adamant about it, but also are not even ashamed at what we are doing. What if we are to die in this state? Where will we end up?

The strength of our belief in Kalima is the basis of all the decisions that we are taking. The seed of the Kalima has been planted in our hearts, but we have failed to nourish and strengthen it and therefore we are not even able to see how deep we have gone inside the ocean of sins.

Let us imagine, the next time we do any action, that Allah is witnessing our action exactly the way the father was witnessing the action of his son. That Allah is right in front of us, whether we are in public or in hiding.

Let us make dua and make sincere efforts in gaining knowledge of Holy Quran and Sunnah to nourish the seed of ‘La Ilaha IllAllah Muhmmad Ur Rasool Allah’ and make sure that it strengthens and flows through us like blood flows through our veins. Ameen.



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