Thanking Our Creator


A few days back I was teaching my eldest son, how to ride a cycle. It was a difficult task. The bike was bigger than him, was a bit heavy and it was the first time he was riding without any of the training wheels. Alhamdulillah after about an hour of running up and down with him, scolding and motivating him at the same time, he learned to balance the cycle. It was an exhilarating experience watching him ride away in the proverbial sun. In this blog I write about a very important lesson that I learned.

While I was running with his cycle, holding it so that he doesn’t fall off, suddenly he learned to balance and kept on riding without the need to hold his cycle anymore. As I stood I saw him pedaling far away from me slowly but surely. Not once did he look back and finally when he grew tired, he stopped by a big rock, huffing and puffing, and looked back at me and smiled.

The more I recall the scene, the more it reminds me of my relationship with my creator, my Allah, my Rabb. From the time I was but a tiny dot in my mother’s stomach, he took care of me, and kept on running with me, helping me and teaching me how to balance the cycle of life. And when I did learn it, I kept on pedaling away from HIM and not once did I look towards HIM. And when I grew tired and stopped for a while, I realized that HE was still there. Waiting for me.

How thankless can we become in our lives and how forgetful can we be of the immense bounties HE has provided to us free of charge. A recent clip of Maulana Tariq Jameel opened my eyes even further.

May Allah include me and all of us in the list of those who are thankful to HIM. Ameen!


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