7 Attributes of Successful People


Surah-e-Mominun, in it’s first ten verses defines the 7 attributes of successful people. In this blog, I collect some text from Ma’ariful Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi, explaining the verses. Also the text is available at the end of the blog, for people who want to read more details about it.

Revelation of the verses

As soon as these verses were revealed to our Holy Prophet image, he said to his companions, “Just now ten verses have been revealed to me and anyone who follows them in letter and spirit will go to heaven”. He then recited the first ten verses of Surah Al Mu’minun

The Verses




What is Falah (success)

Falah signifies the attainment of all desires as well as protection from all misfortunes.

However total ‘falah’ or success cannot be achieved in this world which is a place of pain and suffering, where nothing is everlasting and everything must ultimately perish. Therefore this priceless commodity will be available in another world, namely the Paradise and it is there that people will achieve all their wishes very promptly. In that world there will be no sorrow, nor distress.

If one link’s the word Falah with the reward of Firdaus (Paradise), he can also determine that the true Falah  or success is the entrance into Paradise. Therefore the attainment of wealth, power, respect in this world, might be regarded as temporary success, as nothing in this world is permanent. Thus the true success is the attainment of Paradise. Where one will live for ever and ever.

The 7 attributes

The 7 attributes are for people who are ‘Mominun’, i.e. who are believers. Which obviously means that alone these 7 attributes will not be able to provide paradise to people and being a believer is  necessary for achieving the reward of Firdaus (highest paradise).

1. Khushu during Salah. It means being calm and concentrating while offering Salah (prayers). In religious terminology it means “to bring about a state of perfect concentration in the heart”, so that he does not knowingly allow any thoughts to enter his heart other than the remembrance of Allah. It also means that during Salah a person must abstain from moving his body and limbs unnecessarily.

For more explanation of Khushu, do check out the link provided below to Tafsir Ma’ariful Quran.

2. Abstaining from Laghw. This means abstaining from frivolous and vain things. It means useless talk and action which do not bring any religious reward and in its extreme form it may include sinful acts that are positively harmful and must, therefore, be avoided.

3. Zakah. Mufti Muhammad Shafi provides two meanings of Zakah. The first meaning is to purify one own’s self from impurities and sins such as polytheism, hypocrisy, vanity, jealousy, hatred, greed, miserliness. The second meaning is to purify one’s wealth, by paying a specific amount of your wealth in charity. Since both actions are compulsory on Muslims therefore the third attribute can mean to purify both one’s inner self and to purify one’s wealth.

4. Guarding one’s private parts against unlawful liaison.

5. Discharge his trust (Amanat) truly and faithfully. The word Amanaat (trusts) covers everything (a) which a  person has undertaken to perform and (b) which have been placed under his care as trust. The word includes all sorts of trusts whether they may relate to the rights of Allah or the rights of human beings.

6. To fulfill his covenant (Aehad)  which not only includes formal agreement in the form of a contract but also a promise which is agreed upon by two parties.

7. To consistently observe his prayers regularly at the appointed time.


In the verse 10,11 the reward for the possessors of these key attributes is that they will inherit the highest Paradise which is ‘Firdaus’.


Looking at these attributes, one can see that they encompass both the rights of Allah and rights of Human beings, explaining that Islam lays emphasis on both the rights of Allah and Human beings.

Also it explains the paramount importance of Salah, as it has been mentioned twice.

Finally if one looks at these attributes one can clearly say that it is infact quite easy to achieve these attributes especially considering the reward which is so high.

May Allah enable us to implement these five attributes in our lives. And give us Firdaus. Ameen.


Please note that the above mentioned text is all taken from Ma’ariful Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi. You can download the specific section from here


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