The Embattled Innocence

A book written by Sulemain Ahmer  covering some of the times he spent doing  charity work in war torn areas such as Bosnia, Chechnya and Tazikistan. I finished this small account in a day and within one day I gained so many things that it is impossible to list them all. In this blog I document some of my impressions. The link from where the book can be downloaded is also mentioned.

The most noble thing that the author did was to make the book available online free of any charges for which I am greatly thankful to him. There is no price that one can set for this book anyways as this short book ensures that we connect to our brothers and sisters far far away. How else would I have known about people like Aida, Amin, Abbas, Kamila, Village of Bhaskar voda, Basheer, Sanya, Dudayev, Shamyl and many more. How else would I have cherished their stories as part of my life?

The Best Chapter

The book has different memorable accounts from the author’s relief work and all are worth reading and contemplating about. But the account which will stay with me forever is ‘Bashka Voda’, where a group of Muslims in Bosnia who were taught that ‘there is no God’, were taught about Allah and Islam for the first time. By the end of the account I was crying and smiling at the same time. With the entire class of Bashka Voda I learned a valuable lesson, which though I theoretically knew but didn’t know how and when to apply practically. The lesson that we all are to return to Allah, war or no war, and that the actual real world is the one which will come after the time in this world is over.

The book also provided me with the knowledge of the war torn areas of Bosnia, Croatia, Tajikistan and Chechnya. It prompted me to read more about these areas as my knowledge had been quite limited.

The Everlasting Imprint

Every book leaves an imprint, small or big, on your life. The imprint that I would carry from this book for the rest of my life, is the knowledge of my brothers and sisters, living in different parts of this world. Aida, Amin, Abbas, Kamila, the entire Village of Bhaskar voda, Basheer, Sanya, Dudayev, Shamyl and many more, are now it seems, part of my life. Alive or dead, they now live in a small part of me, and its where they are going to live forever. Their sacrifices are noted and not to be forgotten. While reading this book I felt that I belong to this community of extra ordinary people who endured in times of extreme anguish and pain, and people who sacrificed their lives for a cause, for which no one would have ever questioned them about.

I urge all of you to do take some time and read this extra ordinary small book, which is loaded with emotions, courage, faith and most of all belief in One Allah and the hereafter.


The book is available on Time Lenders site (, a company which has been started by the author. Click here to download.

Do share your impressions about the book with me, in the comments section.


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