A Sad Sad Reality


Election campaigning is in full swing in Pakistan. Its already being billed as an election which will change Pakistan forever. The interest and hype is huge. Besides preparing their manifestos and policies, all political parties are also promoting their ideals and their inspirations. ANP is glorifying ‘Bacha Khan’, PTI and Imran Khan are bamboozled by Iqbal, PPP is drawing inspiration from Bhutto, PML ( N ) is just too engrossed with their own leader Nawaz Sharif, so much so the primary religious party Jamat-e-Islami doesn’t tire itself in promoting Maulana Maudoodi’s ideals and visions.

While all the above names are respected, but there is one ideal and inspiration who is missing from the list of everyone. That ideal is Rasool Allah image, the Prophet of Allah.

For whom Allah said in 3:31, 3:32, that if people want Allah’s help, they must follow the Sunnah of Rasool Allah image.


The personality image, following whose life, enabled his followers (the Sahaba) to defeat super powers. The personality who laid emphasis on helping the poor, who prescribed rights for not only women, children, elderly but also animals. Who provided us with an economic plan. Who laid emphasis on both religious and modern education. Who defined rules for war and for peace. For the rich and for the poor. For the governors and the governed. For the husbands and the wives.

it’s a sad, sad reality that that personality image, is not a source of inspiration of any of our leaders.

All our political parties, (even the ones in power) are crying out loud that they are the only ones who can bring about a change. Although Allah’s mercy can make anything possible, but I often wonder, whether this sad reality (especially in the light of above verses) can bring any ‘viable’ change in Pakistan.

May Allah guide us and help us. Ameen.


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