Impact Of Our Sins


All our actions and deeds have an impact on our life; be it the life of this world or the next. However, many of us, have stopped believing in the fact that all our actions, good or bad, have some consequences. This blog contains the results of our actions, as documented by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi in ‘Jaza Ul Amaal’.

Sins Result In
  1. The removal of ‘Ilm’ (knowledge) from one’s heart. Today we see that man has reached the moon, however the knowledge required to recognize the creator of the moon has eluded a vast majority of mankind.
  2. Scarcity of ‘Rizq’ (sustenance).
  3. The sinner is afraid and avoids even the mention of Allah the Merciful.
  4. The sinner avoids the company of noble men since his heart tells him otherwise.
  5. The sinner faces difficulties in the most simplest of tasks.
  6. Darkness enter one’s heart. And through one’s heart it eventually reaches the sinner’s face.
  7. The heart and body becomes weak.Maulana Sahab gives the examples of the power of Sahaba’s heart and body as they crashed with the mighty roman armies, which were not only bigger in number but each soldier was bigger in size and strength as compared to the Sahaba. But the mighty romans couldn’t stay strong in front of the Sahaba and instead chose to run from all of the battles with them.
  8. One loses his obedience and the will to do good.
  9. Shortening of one’s life. Either in the number of years or losing the barakah (i.e. the doing more in lesser time) or can mean both.
  10. A sin causes one to commit another sin and then another and then another.
  11. One loses the will to repent and eventually a time comes when one starts to believe that the sin is not a sin and will be of no consequence whatsoever in this life or the next.
  12. One looses the feeling that he is committing something bad and eventually a time comes when one starts to advertise his sins. This results in a person to go further away from forgiveness.
  13. A person becomes a part of the cursed community of people from whom the particular sin originated from and on whom Allah bestowed his punishment and eternal damnation.
  14. The state of such a person becomes low, ordinary and meaningless in front of Allah.
  15. The person looses the difference between good and bad, since his mind and heart looses its purity and spirituality.
  16. Due to some specific sins the person becomes a part of the group of people who were cursed by our beloved Prophet image; such as

a. Women who wear a tattoo
b. Women who wear wigs by using someone else’s hair.
c. People who give, take, witness and write about usury, interest, riba.
d. People who steals
e. People who drink, makes or distributes alcohol.
f. Person who degrades his father.
g. Cross dressers.
h. Who slaughters an animal in the name of someone other than Allah.
i. One who innovates i.e. bring/start something new to the religion.
j. One who creates pictures.
k. Women who visit graves
l. People who curse the Sahaba.

17. One is removed from prayers/Duas of the angels.
18. Sins of a community results in ruining of water, air, crops and fruits of the entire community.
19. One looses pride and integrity
20. The greatness of Allah leaves the sinner’s heart.
21. Blessings and grace of Allah is removed and instead one is faced with immense difficulties.
22. One is known with bad names and titles
23. Defenses to protect against the Shayateen are broken and one is open to attacks from Shayateen.
24. Additional worries descend on a sinner’s heart as he keeps on thinking about what if someone finds about his sin.
25. At the time of death the sinner is not able to recite the Kalima and instead is engulfed with the thoughts of his sin.
26. One looses hope that Allah will forgive his sins and insists that Allah will not forgive him.

May Allah protect us all from all sins, big or small. And enable to lead a pure life. 


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