Constant Remembrance of Allah


Malka-e-Yaadasht is a term Sufia-e-Karaam use for the state of mind where one is always connected to Allah, and therefore all actions are done for Allah. Dr. Abdul Hai, has informed us of a very easy way on how to attain this state of mind. This has been taken from Majlis # 39, Islahi Majalis Vol 3 By Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab. The reference is provided in the end.

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A Mother And A Son

A mother loved her son a lot. Right from the time when he was a child she used to take care of his health. The child grew up to be healthy and strong, but somehow developed the habit of smoking. His mother was devastated when she found out. How can he destroy his health so easily? So she called her son and told him about all the years she had put in to ensure that he had a healthy life and that he must leave this habit of smoking immediately.

What is the son’s response going to be?

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