A Mother And A Son

A mother loved her son a lot. Right from the time when he was a child she used to take care of his health. The child grew up to be healthy and strong, but somehow developed the habit of smoking. His mother was devastated when she found out. How can he destroy his health so easily? So she called her son and told him about all the years she had put in to ensure that he had a healthy life and that he must leave this habit of smoking immediately.

What is the son’s response going to be?

This is a made up story to study the different responses that the son can provide to his mother and more importantly how will we judge him based on his response.

If the son would immediately quit smoking, we would say that this person is kind, noble and obedient. If he refuses to quit and quite blatantly, lights one up and blows the smoke on his mother’s face, we would say that the son is very disobedient. But if he would not only refuse but also call in his brothers and friends to come and smoke with him in front of his mother, we would immediately say that this son is an evil person. We definitely would not like to meet such a person, but sadly we meet him every day.

This evil son is in fact our own self. Maybe we don’t see it that way, but everyday we are being evil  and disobedient when we refuse to do what Allah has asked us to do. Sometimes we would sin privately and be like the disobedient son while sometimes, when we sin as a group, we would be like the evil son. We easily forget how much Allah has given to us and that humility (Haya) demands that we behave like the good and obedient son.

When Sayedna Aisha image asked our Noble Prophet image, as to why he image prayed so much, when he image has already been promised Jannah? Our Prophet image replied that shouldn’t I be Thankful to Allah and be HIS obedient servant?

In the following Hadith, Rasool Allah image tells us how we can be humble and full of humility and Haya.


Rasool Allah image says, that having humility in front of Allah means protecting your mind from bad thoughts and protecting your stomach from Haraam and forbidden food and remembering death and the conditions that you will be facing in the grave after your death.

May Allah make us humble and full of humility. Ameen!


The Hadith has been taken from Maariful Hadith by Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Nomani Vol 1 Page 111.


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