Constant Remembrance of Allah


Malka-e-Yaadasht is a term Sufia-e-Karaam use for the state of mind where one is always connected to Allah, and therefore all actions are done for Allah. Dr. Abdul Hai, has informed us of a very easy way on how to attain this state of mind. This has been taken from Majlis # 39, Islahi Majalis Vol 3 By Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab. The reference is provided in the end.

1. In case of any  blessing that you receive from Allah and makes you happy, immediately say,


e.g. your child made you laugh, the food you are eating is very tasty, you reached a destination on time etc.

2. In case of any occurrence which is beyond your expectation or causes sadness or loss say,


e.g. you are stuck in a traffic jam, somebody dear is ill, you heard a bad news from your country etc.

3. In case you remember sins from your past/present, say,


e.g. you remember that a few days back you told a lie, you left Salah, you cut someone in traffic etc.

4. In case you have a fear of how the future will treat you, say


e.g. you are fearful whether your investment will pay back or not, you will reach to a destination safely or not etc.

5. And the fifth thing, is to always make dua and seek help from Allah for every action that you are doing or are about to do. Make Dua for even the smallest and easiest of things e.g. tying your shoe laces, drinking water, checking email etc.  Make dua to Allah that ‘Ya Allah, enable me to do it as I am weak and don’t have any knowledge’

These five things, will In Sha Allah, take you in a state where your mind and heart are always aware and in awe of the presence of Allah.

May Allah, make it easy for us to reach this state. Ameen.


Majlis#39 Islahi Majalis Vol#3 By Mufti Taqi Usmani.


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