Rotten Thoughts & Evil Suspicions


Most of are plagued by rotten thoughts and evil suspicions. Sometimes they hit us while praying, or while reciting Quran or are a result of some fruitless discussions. This also happened to the noble Sahaba-e-Karaam (may Allah be pleased with all of them) and when they discussed this with the source of mercy of all worlds i.e. Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) he provided them with a solution which can be used by us and all Muslims in all times to come. In this blog I will collect some hadiths which Maulana Manzoor  Ahmad Noorani (may Allah have mercy on him) collected in his famous Maariful Ul Hadith under a chapter he specifically made on bad thoughts and evil suspicions. May Allah make this a source of HIS pleasure. Ameen.


Rotten Thoughts and Evil Suspicions will have no impact on the Ummat of Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) unless they act upon it or speak about it

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We must be thankful to Allah and say his praise as HE has prevented us from adopting such evil suspicions and prevented us from acting upon it.


When some Sahaba talked such feelings with Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) and told him (peace be upon him) that they feel bad to even repeat such thoughts, then Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) said that it is a sign of pure Emaan. As they are feeling bad to even talk about it let alone act upon it.

In conclusion,

  1. Rotten thoughts and evil suspicions will have no impact on us till we discuss it or act upon it. Alhamdolillah.
  2. Such thoughts are from the Shaitan and we must seek refuge of Allah from such thoughts.
  3. If we feel bad about such thoughts so much so that we even feel bad about discussing them, then it is a sign of pure Emaan.

May Allah have mercy on us and protect us from all such thoughts, intentions, dreams etc. Ameen.


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