My Experiences

Recently I was speaking with a friend of mine and he told me that you have a lot of bookish knowledge and the amount of knowledge you have allows you to win arguments based on them. But there is a lot of difference between winning an argument and convincing the other person. It is much easier to convince the other person by sharing your experience, although through this way you might not be able to win the argument but you would share a part of yourself with the person and that might open his eyes towards something which he wasn’t aware about before, or it might encourage him to see things from a different perspective.

So after a bit of thinking I thought about creating this new category in this blog titled experiences. Mostly it will be my experiences but if a close friend or family allows me to share his/her experience I would do that as well.


What is life?


if someone asks you ‘Pray Tell me, what life is?’
Take a few grains of sand in your palm and blow them away…

Note: The quote is attributed to Hazrat Ali but I have no means of verifying the authenticity of the same. However what it says about life, is very true and also Hazrat Ali did have a personality which was detached from the life of this world and interested in the life of the hereafter.