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An important part of Islamic teachings is to purify our Inner Self (Nafs). These posts explain what needs to be done to purify ourselves and increase our standing in front of Allah.

This world is nothing but a shadow


I read one interesting analogy about this world being nothing but a shadow in Islahi Majalis Vol 4, by Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab (may Allah be pleased with him).

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Rotten Thoughts & Evil Suspicions


Most of are plagued by rotten thoughts and evil suspicions. Sometimes they hit us while praying, or while reciting Quran or are a result of some fruitless discussions. This also happened to the noble Sahaba-e-Karaam (may Allah be pleased with all of them) and when they discussed this with the source of mercy of all worlds i.e. Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) he provided them with a solution which can be used by us and all Muslims in all times to come. In this blog I will collect some hadiths which Maulana Manzoor  Ahmad Noorani (may Allah have mercy on him) collected in his famous Maariful Ul Hadith under a chapter he specifically made on bad thoughts and evil suspicions. May Allah make this a source of HIS pleasure. Ameen.

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Constant Remembrance of Allah


Malka-e-Yaadasht is a term Sufia-e-Karaam use for the state of mind where one is always connected to Allah, and therefore all actions are done for Allah. Dr. Abdul Hai, has informed us of a very easy way on how to attain this state of mind. This has been taken from Majlis # 39, Islahi Majalis Vol 3 By Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab. The reference is provided in the end.

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Nafs (Human Self)


A human being is made of two selves; the outer and the inner self. To make our outer self more presentable we read a lot of health magazines, exercise at gym etc. However the inner self which is not visible to us, but can be felt in varying degrees, demands the same effort, if not more, to make it healthy as it is only through the inner self will we be judged in the hereafter by Almighty Allah.

While there is an abundance of literature to help us make our outer self stronger, it is only the Quran which helps us in making our inner self stronger.

In this blog I will write about the types of Nafs (inner human self) as explained in the famous Tafsir of Quran Maariful Quran.

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Enter Into Islam Completely

How often, while asking our sisters to do Hijab and our brothers to come to Salah or to keep beard, the instant reply is that though our outer self might not be entirely as per Islam our inside is pure! And then we are treated with a stream of examples of some ‘Bay Haya’ Hijabi sister and a liar brother with a beard. More scary are the times when we believe that some rituals of Ibadah like Salah, or some traits related to physical appearance like Hijab, beard etc, are all that there is to Islam, and we don’t need to do anything more.  Recently I spent some time reading about Surah Bakra : 208, which bridges this gap.

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