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A collection of posts which will explain what is the meaning of life? Why have we come into this world? Where do we go when we die?

What is life?


if someone asks you ‘Pray Tell me, what life is?’
Take a few grains of sand in your palm and blow them away…

Note: The quote is attributed to Hazrat Ali but I have no means of verifying the authenticity of the same. However what it says about life, is very true and also Hazrat Ali did have a personality which was detached from the life of this world and interested in the life of the hereafter.


Islam Versus Secularism


There are two systems in this world which tells us how to decide on the laws by which we should lead our lives not only as an individual but also as a nation. One is secularism while the other is Islam.

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Solution To All Our Problems


There is no shortage of people telling us the immense number of problems that our country, our city, our nation or our Ummah is facing. But very few people talk about any solutions. Of those people providing solutions, still very few talk about solutions which are given by Allah. Often discarding them as baseless and not implementable. I look into this blog in the light of some Ayahs from Quran, which talks about Allah providing us with solutions.

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Sleep Management

Somebody referred to me this excellent workshop of managing your sleep. The key benefit of managing your sleep is that you get at least 14-16 of fresh hours per day. The workshop is in Urdu and very easy to understand. The workshop is conducted by Time Lenders. Below are the links.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

If the above mentioned links are not working then you can search the clip easily on YouTube by typing ‘sleep management timelenders’.

The good thing about this workshop is that it is very practical and hence easily implementable. I have implemented it since about a month now and I am already gaining a lot of benefits Alhamdolillah. I am getting at least 14 fresh hours per day although I am working on rotating shifts.

May Allah make this beneficial for all of us.

Life’s Difficulties

Often life throws us a curve ball. We are expecting something and end up getting something totally different. While at that time, we are thinking that we have lost something important, or things have been made difficult for us, but this is a thinking which is very limited and does not take into account Allah’s supreme plan for us. In this verse, Allah tells us about something similar.

What is Death?

The world is full of scholars who take pride in their knowledge and theories. They ‘gift’ the world with new theories and give explanations for old and new phenomenons. The world is also full of scientists who take pride in their ability to research and go deep into things to explain why they exist. But the world with its full might and full power, does not have the ability to define death. How does Quran and Islam define death, is what I explore in this blog

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Recipe of Success In Life

How many times, have we done something and regretted that we did it in a rush and without properly thinking it through. How many people have we seen, who give up on something great just because they feel its not working out or not giving quick results. How many talents have been wasted because they wanted something quick and don’t want to put in the hard work, education, skill and experience required to achieve greatness. And how many times we have not even attempted something because it is way too difficult. In this blog I write about this key trait of man and what Allah tells us to solve it.

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