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The Conspiracy Behind Conspiracy Theories

Have you heard about Free Masons, Illuminati, The Arrivals etc?  There is no shortage of Conspiracy mongering amongst our society. Moreover such theories are immediately consumed by Muslims and forwarded without any research etc. Although these conspiracies can be true but we are not aware of the general solution that Allah has proposed in such cases. In this blog I look into some of the problem with these theories, our responsibility and the solution provided by Allah.

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What is Sabr?

I used to think of Sabr or Patience as accepting trouble and pain as Allah’s will.  But recently, while researching for one of my blogs ‘Recipe of Success in Life’, I found that the meaning is much more than what I used to think. In this blog, I write about the exact meaning of Sabr, as explained by Mufti Muhammad Shafi in Maariful Quran in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

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Recipe of Success In Life

How many times, have we done something and regretted that we did it in a rush and without properly thinking it through. How many people have we seen, who give up on something great just because they feel its not working out or not giving quick results. How many talents have been wasted because they wanted something quick and don’t want to put in the hard work, education, skill and experience required to achieve greatness. And how many times we have not even attempted something because it is way too difficult. In this blog I write about this key trait of man and what Allah tells us to solve it.

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